Best Total Knock-Out

Gleason's Gym

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s match. In the far corner, the challenger - high prices, expensive work out suits, posh lotions, and machines Chuck Norris can’t figure out how to use.  And in it’s standard corner, the reigning world champion – the oldest boxing gym in the United States, sweat on the floor from 1937, bags used by Muhammad Ali, Jake LaMotta, Mike Tyson and over a hundred other world champs; home to four of the top trainers in the world, gold medals, silver medals, and thousands of current members (ranging from world champions to that guy you saw fall down on the subway).  Ever wonder how you would hold up against the greats? Find out at Brooklyn’s classic boxing empire. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Best Gone Fishin'

The Meer in Central Park

In a city bursting with concrete gardens, technological, and architectural monstrosities, there are few places left for a day of good fishing.  Aye, but one still remains – The Meer (Dutch for lake, which is what most think of when envisioning Harlem). In this 11-acre man made lake, one can find a variety of fish and turtle species.  Enough to make any scurvy ridden pirate smile.  So, find yourself a deck swab, visit the near-by Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, borrow a fishing rod, and enjoy this beautifully designed meer.  Don’t be expecting’ to eat these fish, though – catch and toss fishing only.  Sorry, Ahab! Perhaps you should pack a nice picnic and enjoy the lush surrounding Conservatory Gardens, Fort Clinton, or the always-beautiful rock formations.

Best Skater Central

Blades NYC

First, choose your weapon: is it going to be board or blades.  Next, choose your surface: Are you looking to get extreme on snow, water, pavement, or just kick it at the skate park.  Blades has any option you may need.  Never tried any? No worries, dude, Blades has Skate School. Your chance to show off some wicked Ollies, 50-50’s, and maybe a gnarly Beni-Hana.  Having the feeling of Venice Beach, this chain has given New York a little bit of the laid back atmosphere it needs.  Maybe your not interested in any heavy equipment or extreme activity.  Come in for some digs.  Blades has a full stock of killer shirts, shorts, pants, sunglasses, hats, pins, bumper stickers, everything you need to transform from New York chic to skater punk.