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SUPERMAN short film by Danny Ward



*World Premiere RIIFF 2022*


At the moment of Burt’s death, he suddenly finds himself in his son’s apartment, and the two come to amends about where Burt has been for the last three years and why he disappeared, throughout which they each realize and accept the love and the human fallibility in parenthood.

Directed, written and edited by: Danny Ward

Producer: Michael Cuomo

Starring: Rocco Sisto, Michael Cuomo, Christine Spang, Jack Scrivo, Bryce Landon Wiescinski

Cinematographer: Joel Froome
1st AC: Erin Gaddi
Audio Mixer: Darin Hallinan (Dolby)
Colorist: Jenny Montgomery (Company 3)

Composer: Peter Mark Kendall
PA: Jake Toddings
VO Recording: Darren Lorenzi Jr, Brad Wiescinski
Executive Producers: Angela Ward, Michael Ward, Mark Stetson





*2018 Official Selection SXSW, RIIFF

*Winner Best Screenplay RIIFF, Nominated Grand Jury Prize SXSW

*Vimeo Staff Pick

A happy couple's relationship unravels during a game of "Mafia."

Directed by: Michael Stahl-David

Written by: Michael Stahl-David & Ana Nogueira
Edited by: Danny Ward
Produced by: Michael Cuomo


Starring: William Jackson Harper, Ana Nogiera, Ali Ahn, Zach Schaffer, Robert Godol Lovenstein, Keilly McQuail, Nana Mensah, Stephen O'Reilly, Michael Cuomo, Brandt Adams



*2022 Winner Best Film Atlanta Shortsfest, Los Angeles Short Film Festival, Winner Best Actress NIIFF, Nominated Best Edit NIIFF

*2022 Official Selection Cleveland International Film Festival, Nice International Film Festival, Salute Your Shorts Festival , San Jose Film Fest, Montreal Film Festival


A nostalgic woman confronts a stranger in her house, one who ultimately reveals their shared history and the love they have for one another.

DIrector: Julia Ngeow

Writer: Christina Toth

Editor: Danny Ward

Producers: Robin Galloway, Amy DePaola, Cambpell Symes

Starring: Christina Toth, Campbell Symes, Katherine Walluch, Jamie Crib


*2020 Winner Best Short Film Boston Latino Film Festival, Key West Film Festival
*2020 Nominee Best Short Eastern Oregon Film Festival
*2020 Official Selection Urbanworld, Dances with Films, Woodshole, Montclair, Tallgrass, San Diego, Orlando, Riverbe
nd, Richmond, Eastern Oregon, Blue Whiskey, Cine Mas San Fransisco, Seattle Latino Film Festivals


When a young hispanic boy is left home alone with his 8 year old sister for the first time, he must find her when she goes missing in their unwelcoming trailer park community.

Writer/DIrector: Paola Ossa

Editor: Danny Ward

Producers: Zeus Kontoyannis, Paola Ossa, Michael Cuomo

Starring: Shakira Barrera, Aiden Medina, Olivia Perez and Jackson Frazer 


*2020 Official Selection RIIFF / Winner Best Actress (Chloe Berk)
*Short of The Week 2020 

Frankie was recently diagnosed with HPV. After getting a follow-up cervical cancer screening, she tries to find connection as she goes about her day. It turns out not to be so easy.

Directed by: Chloe Berk & Blair Baker

Written by: Chloe Berk
Edited by: Danny Ward

Produced by: Michael Cuomo

Starring: Chloe Berk, Geany Masai, Dena Tyler, Lisle Hummerston, Merri Rashoyan, Mike Ivers, Ryan Willard, Sarah Young, Emilie Krause 


*2018 Official Selection New York Short Film Festival

One unlucky week in the life of a struggling actor culminating in an awkward moment of social disobedience on an off-broadway stage.

Directed & Written by: Katie Kopajtic

Edited by: Danny Ward
Produced by: Michael Cuomo

Starring: Katie Kopajtic, Lynn Cohen, Catherine Curtin, Michael Dermansky, Sarah Dacey Charles, Nelly Savinon, Michael Cuomo, K. Lorrel Manning, Steven Mark Friedman, Michelle Tsai, John Long, Tyler Sparks, Erin Friend, Brittany Zaken, Margret Echeverria, Monica Robles, Ashley Van Egeren, Christine Donnelly, Keisha Bissram, Matthew Preston Morgan, Adam Hidais, Larry Mitchell, Rodolfo Maxil, Will Spartalis, Katie Terpstra, Brad Heller, Amanda Clark, Alejandro Girlado, Christine Spang, Daniel Vidor, Katie Hilman


A visual album in ten chapters. On his final day, a man looks back at his life-long search for his father, only to realize he's been one to himself all along.

Directed & Edited by: Danny Ward

Written by: Danny Musengo, Paul Weinfield, Luke Tedaldi, Danny Ward

Performed by: Fairytales for the Fatherless

Starring: Steven Douglas Daly, Niles Christian Gunning, Natalie Clark, Danny Musengo, Jessica Van Niel, Jeanne Lauren Smith, Sophie Gloeckler, Mike Jacobs, Jeff Jacobs, Atash Yaghmaian, Michael Cuomo, Paul Weinfield, Al-nisa Petty, Anya Noelle, Jessica Lauren Napier, David Vogel, Kira McCarthy, Paul Caron, Margret Echeverria, Walker Adams, Luke Tedaldi, Barton Stanley David, Natti Vogel, Ria Bouttier, Linde Matthews

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